+ Power your mind with steady intellect to discern what is real and true.


+ Steer your true course with a mind balanced in success and failure, ups and downs, progress and reversals...


+ Spontaneously perform right actions to uplift spiritual and material wellbeing for all.


Practice Karma Yoga by choosing to serve the desires of others. In serving other's desires, we naturally renounce our own desires to find happiness and contentment in material things. Our outward flow of attention to find contentment 'out there' stops dead in its tracks. The mind turns within, steadies and we find contentment where it has always been, deep within ourselves. Out of the equanimity of contentment, a mind balanced in success and failure. Content, we have nothing to win or lose and spontaneously perform selfless right actions to uplift all of creation.


In as little time as it takes to read two short essays you'll start achieving steady intellect, balance of mind, and right action:


- What is 'Karma Yoga' and How do We Perform it?

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- What are right actions? What are wrong actions? 

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