Essential verses from the Bhagavad Gita on practicing Karma Yoga:

  • Ch 2 v 39: Bondage to action: Fueled by desire we become attached to our actions to experience attractive qualities found in objects of the senses — say a spiffy new Porsche.

  • Ch 2 v 45: Liberation from bondage: In serving others' desires — practicing Karma Yoga — we innocently renounce our own. Desires renounced, actions to fulfill desires renounced, attachments renounced. Experience unbounded inner contentment.

  • Ch 3 v   8: Harmony in life: Do your natural duty. Practice Karma Yoga in daily life by serving the desires of those you honor and love. Inspired by reverence, devotion and service, feel the harmony between inner quiet contentment and outer dynamic actions of love. Evolve to the highest levels of spiritual and material wellbeing.



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