Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 verse 42Absorbed in the letter of the Veda the undiscerning declare there is no deeper meaning and speak flowery words.

“The Vedas are authentic expositions of the path of evolution. They elucidate, step by step, the gradual process of the integration of life and teach the knowledge by which a man may quickly rise through all levels of evolution and attain final liberation.” — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (on the Bhagavad Gita: A New Translation and Commentary).

The undiscerning’ exercise poor judgement through their myopic vision. ‘Absorbed in the letter of the Veda’ they see only its literal language but not its spirit. Through Vedic rites they see only selfish ends and seek greater material wellbeing as an end to bondage to the very actions they're attached to. Sans the spirit of the Vedas, the endless quest for more focuses their vision on the text and not meaning. They see only what's in front of them on the horizontal plane. Believing that enduring happiness and contentment lie within desirable and unendurable attractive qualities found in objects of the senses they ‘declare there is no deeper meaning.’

Problem is, without complementary growth in spiritual wellbeing, material wealth fails to satisfy in the long run. Irresolute and confused about the purpose of the Vedas and how they operate to uplift spiritual wellbeing as well, they seek ever greater material wealth. Never satisfied, they fix themselves to the cycle of impression-desire-action, the binding influence of action (2.39). They get stuck in the mud of dissatisfaction.

Misery loves company. Bondage is its own safe space. Attractive qualities found in objects of the senses offer fleeting degrees of happiness and satisfaction. Seeing the Vedas as only a means to liberation through attainment of material wealth and power they demonstrate the shallow and meaningless capacity of their understanding by speaking ‘flowery words’ to reassure themselves and convince others to join their folly.

copyright Keith R Parker 2021