Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, verse 43: Full of selfish desires and intent on heaven as their goal, they offer rebirth as the fruit of action and prescribe special Vedic rites for attaining enjoyment and power.

Absorbed in the letter of the Veda’ (2.42) leaves one ‘full of selfish desires’ that ever-refuel dissatisfaction born of action to seek happiness and contentment in the material world (2.39). Fixed on the horizontal plane through selfish desires ‘the undiscerning’ see the Vedas only as a means to 'attaining enjoyment and power.' They see only the cycle of life-and-death, and remain oblivious to the spirit of the Vedas and its promise of liberation from bondage to cycles of dissatisfaction, selfish desire, the actions selfish desires seed, and rebirth.

Such are the powers of attractive qualities found in objects of the senses to overwhelm the weak mind. So focused on 'the letter of the Veda’ and seduced by their own ‘flowery words,’ they favor selfish actions (2.42). They lose sight of the vertical plane and achieving final liberation through selfless actions (2.45).

copyright Keith R Parker 2021