Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 verse 52:  When your intellect has passed beyond the tangle of delusion you will be free from what has been heard and what is to be heard.

By renouncing desire and action (2.45, 2.51) we cast away past and future, and surrender to the present. When the intellect steadies through acts of selflessly serving the desires of others, identifies with the unbounded nature of the Self and becomes absorbed in it, the ‘intellect has passed beyond the tangle of delusion’ with the attractive qualities found in objects of the senses that keep us bound to the ever-changing phenomenal world. Stuck in the past. Stuck in the future. The ultimate self-delusion: we all know that what we seek lies within, yet we constantly look for it “out there” in some future (or past) imagined event.

Having ‘cast away the binding influence of action,’ (2.47) the timeless light of Self illuminates all. The slogfest is over. Understanding and experience become one. The babble stops. The intellect united with the Self (2.51), we live in the present, content within, indifferent to the past and future, totally indifferent ‘to what has been heard and what is to be heard’ on gaining liberation from the binding influence of action. 

Truth gains fulfillment in direct experience of the present. Be here now. Live in the eternal present, outside the tick-tock. Hold the door open for someone, help your mom with the dishes, pitch in with your spouse … or perform some other simple act of selfless service. Step into the present and onto the path. ‘No effort is lost and no obstacle exists’ (2.40).

copyright Keith R Parker 2021