Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 verse 54Arjuna asks: How does a man of steady intellect,  who is absorbed in the Self, speak, sit and move?

The previous verse (2.53) summarizes the benefits of liberation and raises Arjuna's curiosity about the outer appearance of an accomplished man 'absorbed in the Self.' How would Arjuna recognize such a man to emulate? How does he measure up along these metrics of speaking, sitting and moving? What will he look like when he gets there?

  • ‘How does he ‘speak?’ Do pearls of wisdom fall from his lips? Is steady intellect reflected in measured thought and expression? Does anger arise?

  • How does he ‘sit?’ How does inner contentment manifest in a man at rest? What does the power of nonaction in inaction look like? Is his countenance at all times peaceful?

  • How does he ‘move?’ What do balanced mind and skill in action look like? Does one 'absorbed in the Self' make mistakes? How is inner contentment expressed in the outer demeanor of an active man — say, one engaged in battle? 

Krishna answers these questions in the following 18 verses.

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