Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 verse 68:  Therefore he whose senses withdraw from their objects, his intellect is established.


This verse deepens verses 2.58 and 2.59, ‘as a tortoise draws in his limbs.’ There the focus was on established intellect. Here the focus is on the end game of happiness, where ‘Therefore’ in this verse takes us back to the consequences of 2.66: ‘how can there be happiness?’

The senses latch onto their objects through desire for the happiness attractive qualities found in objects of the senses promise. When a greater source of happiness and contentment is found deep within the Self , 'the senses [naturally] withdraw from their objects.' This greater source of happiness is found only when 'his intellect is established'  in the unbounded contentment of Self (2.66).

copyright Keith R Parker 2021