Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 verse 72: This is the state of Cosmic Consciousness. Freed from delusion and established in that, even at the last moment, he attains eternal freedom in eternal happiness.

This [peace of mind of the previous verse (2.71)] is the state of Cosmic Consciousness.’ Detached from desire, one 'casts away the bondage of action [karma],' the specific goal of practicing karma yoga set out by Krishna in verse 2.39.  One is unaffected by emotional experiences on the surface level of the mind (2.57).  In the unbounded contentment of Self, the taste for attractive qualities found in objects of the senses ceases (2.59). One is 'freed from delusions' of thinking they are anything less than unbounded contentment of Self, 'established in that' (the Self / Cosmic Consciousness). The seed is roasted and there is no going back to a lesser state: he attains 'eternal freedom in eternal happiness' (2.66).

This ends the chapter 2 on the yoga of understanding. 

copyright Keith R Parker 2021