Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 10: Having created man along with Sacrifice the Lord of Creation said: "By this Sacrifice you will prosper and fulfill all desires."

Previous verses in this chapter attested to the primacy and absolute necessity of action for survival and evolution. Here, Krishna reveals the Lord of Creation's promise on the benefits of sacrificial acts. Through them we achieve the highest levels of fulfillment on all levels of life. 

'Having created man along with Sacrifice....' Sacrifice is in our DNA. We were born to practice karma yoga and serve others' desires by sacrificing our own (3.09).* 'Sacrifice' defines the householder's path (3.08).  In sacrificing desire we perform right and skillful actions (2.47, 2.50) which engender gain and fulfillment of desires to 'reach the highest good' (3.02).


Right out of the starting blocks the Lord of Creation identifies the course of action required to achieve fulfillment: "By this Sacrifice [of desire] you will prosper and  fulfill all desires." And as if that supreme promise isn't enough, it even gets better. As we shall see in the next verse, through sacrificing desire we receive Nature's support in all endeavors.


*Sacrifice and renunciation of desire (as defined in 2,45) are one and the same.

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021