Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 12Nourished by Sacrifice the gods will certainly bestow the enjoyments you desire. But he who enjoys their gifts without offering to them is merely a thief.

This verse continues the Lord of Creation's declaration in 3.10"By this Sacrifice you will prosper and fulfill all desires."

Having achieved a desireless state by sacrificing your desires for others (3.09, 3.10) 'the enjoyments' you desire are actually from Nature's desire to further your evolution (footnote 3.04). 'Nourished by Sacrifice the gods will certainly bestow the [spiritual and material] enjoyments' Nature desires for youFulfilling Nature's desires is on the gods' job description. So yes indeed, the gods 'Nourished by Sacrifice' certainly will bestow Nature's desires (3.11). 

Fruits of our actions are 'gifts' from Nature and the gods. Our actions bear fruit (gifts) through Nature's desire to further evolution and through the gods working out the mechanics of evolution through our actions. To assume authorship of desire and action is to deny the creative role higher powers play. We are thieves and rob ourselves of the nourishment Nature and the gods provide by failing to offer them their due (3.11) — 'without offering to them is merely a thief.' 


copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021