Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 13: The righteous who eat the remains of Sacrifice, are freed from sins. But the non-righteous, who prepare food for themselves alone, truly, they eat sin.

The 'righteous' perform selfless right actions (2.47) by sacrificing their desires for the desires of others (2.47). 'Nourished by [this] sacrifice [of desires],' desires and actions are born of Nature and the gods (3.12). Feeding on the purity of these 'remains of Sacrifice' supports right action and evolution. Consequently, the righteous are 'freed from' sinful wrong actions that retard evolution. 

The 'non-righteous' decline to sacrifice desire. Neither 'nourished by Sacrifice' (3.12) nor fed on 'the remains of Sacrificethey have to 'prepare food for themselves alone.' ‘They eat sin’ of their impure selfish desires which condemns them to sinful wrong actions and bondage to them (2.47). 

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021