Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 17But the man who delights in the Self, content and rejoicing in the Self alone, for him there is no action he need do.

In Self-awareness achieved through the practice of karma yoga (3.08) one gains nonaction, lives detached from desires and actions, and experiences unbounded contentment on the level of the Self (2.71). Sourced by the 'Self alone,' contentment, joyfulness and happiness abound (2.66).


'All pervading Brahma is eternally established in Sacrifice (3.15).' All acts are sacrificial and He infuses all action with His fulfilling nature. In fulfillment the goal of all action has been achieved. In fact, there is 'no action he need do' to achieve fulfillment. Nature and the gods take care of desire and action (3.12).

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021