Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 2Arjuna continues: With opposed statements of being without action and also of taking action I am confused by your teaching. Tell me decisively the one path by which I may reach the highest good?

...continued from 3.01.

In the previous chapter, Krishna advocated 'being without action' ('be without the three Gunas,' 2.45) and also taking action ('stand up, resolved to fight' in Ch 2 v 37). Not having experienced 'being without action' as a consequence of action taken in serving others' desires, Arjuna is confused. 'Confused,' he sees 'being without action' and taking action as unrelated and  'opposed' to each other. He wants to know the one, understanding or action, by which 'may reach the highest good' of evolution for all involved — family, friends, enemies, and himself.



copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021