Bhagavad Gita, Ch 3 verse 20: By action alone, perfection was gained by King Janaka and others. Even for the mere maintenance of the world you should act

King Janaka was a 'man of action' and followed the householder's path (3.03, 3.08). Putting the desires of his people above his, his actions were sacrificial and consequently, infused with Brahma the Creator (3.19). Divine intelligence worked through him towards a cosmic purpose. 'By action alone perfection [of the Divine] was gained' within and by King Janaka.


All actions stem from Brahma the Creator and are infused with His Divine nature. Through this and the previous chapter Krishna implores Arjuna to rise above selfish individuality and do his natural duty (3.19). Even if Arjuna merely stands up — to do no more than to see that the trains run on time — he will have expedited a sacrificial act, risen above his cowardly confusion and be on his way towards infusing Brahma the Creator into his action and gaining perfection in outcome.  

copyright by Keith R Parker