Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 29: Those deluded by the Gunas of Nature are attached to the actions of the Gunas. Let not him who knows the whole truth disturb the unwise who know only the part.

...continued from 3.28.

'Those deluded by the Gunas of Nature' do not know the 'truth about the Gunas and their interactions.' In the absence of contentment, attractive qualities found in objects of the senses kindle desire which overshadows the trinity of experience operating at the most refined level of ego. The experiencer becomes deluded into thinking the experience of happiness lies within the object and that the process of experiencing requires action to acquire the object. In this way desire kindles the cycle of impression-desire-action and one becomes 'attached to actions of the Gunas.'

The 'whole truth' is knowing through direct experience that Divine action pervades all action of the Gunas in the relative field of life (3.21 - 3.24). 'The unwise who know only the part' intellectually understand this 'whole truth' but have never experienced it. Rather than proffer intellectual understanding alone and create confusion in thinking that Divine action can be emulated through behavior, one 'who knows the whole truth' would be better served to encourage taking the path of action (3.08) which leads to the Divine experience.


copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021.