Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 32: But those who find fault and do not follow my teaching, know them to be confused about all knowledge, doomed and mindless.

...continued from 3.31.

Those who find fault fail to understand how in serving others' desires they innocently renounce their own (2.45). Failing to grasp this intellectual understanding underlying the practice of karma yoga, they never kindle interest in starting it. (3.08) Never having started they fail to gain 'knowledge' — intellectual understanding and direct experience — of the separation between relative (self) and absolute (Self) fields of life. They never experience the Divine infuse their actions. They are 'doomed' to bondage. Their minds attached to attractive qualities found in objects of the senses, 'mindless' they ride the rollercoaster of life, jerked around by emotions of the moment, finding only frustration and disappointment in their actions.


copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021.