Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 33: Creatures follow their own nature. Even the enlightened man follows his nature. What can restraint accomplish?


...continued from 3.32.

For the man of action (3.03) this verse expresses the essence of Krishna's teaching: 'Do your natural duty' (3.08). 'Follow your own nature' and serve the desires of others, innocently renounce your own selfish desires, break with bondage to action, realize the Self as separate from desire and action, and experience Divine nature infuses all actions to further evolution. Go with the flow of dharma. 'Even the enlightened' man of action continues to serve others' desires, though more effectively than otherwise so. 

For the man of action what can restraint accomplish? Restraint from serving others — in particular, the householder restraining the natural desire to serve those honored and loved — is akin to swimming upstream. Pushing back against the flow of dharma,  "They are 'doomed' to bondage. Their minds attached to attractive qualities found in objects of the senses, 'mindless' they ride the rollercoaster of life, jerked around by emotions of the moment, finding only frustration and disappointment in their actions." Stuck.



copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021.