Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 35: Because one can perform it, one's own duty is superior to the duty of another. Better is death in performing one's own duty; the duty of another brings danger.

Choosing your own course of action. Do your natural duty (3.08), following your dharma you naturally practice karma yoga (2.40) and evolve to higher levels of spiritual and material wellbeing (2.45, 2.47). Or attempt to fulfill someone else's duty, attempt to follow their dharma, waste time on purposeless actions, find frustration and disappointment (3.33), retard evolution and stagnate on the horizontal plane.

Death is a respite built into cosmic purpose and part of the evolutionary process. After death we take on a new body and more rapid progress is possible. On the other hand, the potential for great danger lies in retarding evolution by faking someone else's dharma. For example, if either the mechanic who services the aircraft's engines or the pilot who flies the aircraft take on the duty of the other, the airplane will crash and burn, affecting all involved: mechanic, pilot, passengers, families and friends, business associates, bystanders. Natural courses of actions along trajectories of evolution will either be disrupted or never taken. Bad Juju all around. 

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021.