Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 39Wisdom is veiled by the insatiable flame of desire which is the constant enemy of the wise.

...continued from 3.38.

Experienced by pure consciousness of Self, ‘Wisdom’ is knowing the truth about the Gunas and their interactions (3.28). At this subtlest level of awareness where all relative manifests, we know everything. This includes knowing everything about everything in pure consciousness of Self. Desires veil pure consciousness of Self. Consequently, 'Wisdom is veiled by the insatiable flame of desire.'

Action maintains wisdom. Renouncing your own desires by actively serving others' desires snuffs out 'the insatiable flame of desire' ignited by attractive and aversive qualities found in objects of the senses (3.34). Even the ‘wise’ should maintain vigil for desires born of inaction and their potential to veil wisdom. Idle hands are the devil's workshop (Proverbs).


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