Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 5Indeed, not even in the blink of an eye can one exist without performing action. Everyone is helplessly driven by the Gunas born of Nature.

No action, no life. Life overcomes entropy, maintains itself and evolves via action-based phenomena of growth through metabolism, reproduction, intelligence, perception, sensation, flexibility....  Without life taking action to maintain itself, entropy wins and life ceases.


No action, no evolution. Living things evolve through natural selection by adapting and reacting to environmental change.  Consciousness evolves through mental and physical actions (3.03, 3.04).


You can run but you can't hide. In the relative field of life change and action to accommodate it are inevitable. Since the Gunas born of Nature underlie all action, supporting life and directing its physical and spiritual evolution, 'everyone is helplessly driven by the Gunas born of Nature.'

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021