Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 6: He who sits restraining his organs of action while dwelling on objects of the senses, self-deluded, he is a hypocrite.

As in the previous verse (3.05) this verse emphasizes action, but here the focus is on mental action only. Thinking lies within the sphere of action. To restrain from action one necessarily dwells on (thinks about) those objects of the senses that are being restrained from taking action upon. So, 'restraining his organs of action while dwelling on objects of the senses' is in itself action and has the opposite of intended effect. Rather than liberating us from bondage to action, restraint from action actually binds us to action and fixes us to the cycle of impression-desire-action (2.39). 

This verse singles out the folly of mood making. Those who make a mood of disengagement from action through restraint delude themselves into believing they have achieved liberation from action. Any attempt at disengagement from action 'while dwelling on objects of the senses' keeps us in bondage to action. Consequently, ‘he is a hypocrite’ who deludes himself with the pretense of believing 'restraining his organs of action' is the same as renunciation from action and liberation from it.

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021