Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 9: Excluding sacrificial acts, this world is in bondage to [selfish] actions. To free yourself from attachments perform [selfless] sacrificial acts.


Selfless acts of service to others are ‘sacrificial acts.’ In performing our ‘natural duty’ (performing karma yoga, 3.08) we selflessly serve others’ desires and renounce our own. Renouncing selfish desires, we sacrifice our own desires to find happiness and contentment in material objects of the senses. Essentially, we sacrifice desire for gain in the material world. Through sacrifice of desire, ‘free yourself from attachments’ (2.45) and aspire to the vertical plane. Otherwise, ‘this world is in bondage to [selfish] actions’ (2.47) which keeps our wheels spinning on the horizontal plane, stuck on the cycle of impression-desire-action (2.39)

copyright Keith R Parker 2021