Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 3: Lord Krishna responds: As set forth by me since time immoral, there are two paths: the Yoga of understanding for men of contemplation and the Yoga of action for men of action.

...continued from 3.02.

The 'Yoga of understanding for men of contemplation' and the 'Yoga of action for men of action' have withstood the test of time. 'Men of contemplation' follow the recluse path. The recluse achieves renunciation by overtly resisting desire and restraining from actions in the extroverted world of social interactions. Attention turns inward through mental activity of quiet contemplation and study. 'Men of action' follow the householder's path (3.08). By taking action to serve others' desires, householders innocently renounce their own selfish desires and the actions those desires seed (2.45). Through the Yoga of either mental or physical action, the recluse and householder achieve the same results: steady intellect and through repeated practice, peace of mind in Cosmic Consciousness.*

*Warning: 'Men of action' mistakenly turn to 'men of contemplation' for guidance on practicing karma yoga. Having rejected the path of action, men of contemplation steer practitioners onto their reclusive path with philosophies and time consuming techniques that run counter to the flow of the householder's path and retard evolution.

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021