Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4 verse 3: The Supreme Secret of this ancient Yoga, I have affirmed to you today because you are my devotee and friend.  


With the long lapse of time, the knowledge of Yoga  was lost to the world (4.02). 


Where could the ‘Supreme Secret’ be hidden from view? Under a rock in a Himalayan cave? In the lyrics of a Bob Dylan song? In the fine print of your toaster’s warranty? … No, not in any place it could possibly be discovered through ingenuity and effort. 

The ‘Supreme Secret’  is hidden in the only place you’ll never think to look. In its simplicity it’s hidden in plain sight right in front of your eyes. It’s hidden in something we naturally do every day — but don’t understand its nature and significance to evolution in spiritual and material well-being. ‘The Supreme Secret, I today declared to you’: serve the desire of others (2.45) by doing your natural duty (3.08). 


Through intellectual understanding and direct experience gained in the practicing karma yoga, the knowledge of this ‘ancient Yoga’ Krishna taught ‘in the beginning’ is regained.

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021