Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 2 verse 48Having abandoned attachments and become established in Yoga, perform actions balanced in success and failure. Balance of mind is Yoga.


Balance of mind manifests from the equilibrium of inner contentment. Having ‘cast away the binding influence of action,’ we abandon attachments and become ‘established in Yoga’ (2.47). In the lasting inner contentment of Yoga (union of self within Self) we feel fulfilled (2.46). Fulfilled within, we need nothing. Needing nothing we achieve a mind balanced in the success and failure of outcomes. 


For the mind ‘balanced in success and failure,’ surprises hold little sway on forward momentum to get things done. Frictions, delays, difficult personalities, screwups … all the hazards we encounter in moving the ball downfield fail to knock us off balance. Immune to blocks, tackles, intercepts ... of  emotional attachments we’re steady, alert, flexible and resourceful. We automatically respond to situations as they arise. We're in the groove of service

Established in Yoga’ the equanimity of the mind takes the form of balance in success and failure. ‘Balance of mind is Yoga.’

copyright Keith R Parker 2021