Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 14: From nourishment creatures manifest into being; from rain is produced nourishment; from Sacrifice comes forth rain and Sacrifice is born of action.


It's all in your head. 'Action' to 'Sacrifice' to 'rain' to 'nourishment' to 'creatures.' Out of sacrifice of desire ('born of action' in serving others' desires), intellect established in Self. Out of intellect established in Self, renewal of Nature ('rain'). Out of the three Gunas operating at the subtlest level of Nature 'creatures manifest [are nurturedinto being' by Brahma the Creator.*



*Consciousness creates the universe. Through the practice of karma yoga ego identifies with illuminant Self (2.45, 3.08). This pervasive radiance is the Veda out of which the Gunas of Nature manifest to create action. Here begins ego and experience. At an even subtler level, the field of all-possible Veda underlies and pervades actions fundamental to the creation of life and evolution. This source of creation is called Brahma the Creator. The experience of creation continues in 3.28.

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021