Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3 verse 11. By sacrifice you nourish the gods and the gods nourish you. By nurturing each other, we reach the highest good.

We share responsibility with the gods to further evolution and ‘reach the highest good’ (the goal set by Arjuna in 3.02). The gods administer the innumerable laws of Nature, governing impulses of intelligence and energy to work out the mechanics of evolution. Man enacts these impulses, furthering the evolution Nature and gods preside over.

Sacrifice, faith and reverence come naturally to the householder (3.08). Sacrifice of desire (3.09, 3.10) is a form of worship. Handing desire over to Nature (2.51) is an act of faith. Revering the gods for working out the laws of Nature, sustains and nourishes them.* Incorporating the gods' intelligence and energy into our selfless actions (2.45) sustains and nurtures us. Harmony gained in working together ratchets up mutually beneficial nourishment, we fulfill our shared responsibility and 'reach the highest good' beneficial to all.

*The experience of reverence is in the present and nourishes the reverent as well.

copyright commentary Keith R Parker 2021